Seaweed Cultivation Circa 1700s

Seaweed Cultivation was developed in Japan at Edo Bay (now Tokyo) around the 1700’s. The first seaweed to be cultivated was probably Laver (a red alga) which is used in Japanese Cuisine.

      Edo Bay, Japan

Additional Information:

  • Seaweed Farming – Wikipedia
    Seaweed farming is the practice of cultivating and harvesting seaweed. In its simplest form, it consists of the management of naturally found batches.
  • Seaweed Farming History – Wikipedia
    Seaweed farming began in Japan as early as 1670 in Tokyo Bay.[2] In autumn of each year, farmers would throw bamboo branches into shallow, muddy water, where the spores of the seaweed would collect.
  • The historical development of seaweed farming, – PDF
    The culture of marine algae, primarily for human consumption is a large and expanding industry in Japan. At the present time, the growing and harvesting of Porphyra, “nori,” is considered to be one of the most profitable fisheries in Japan.

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