Russian Art Professor Creates Holograms

In 1969, an art professor in the Soviet Union, by the name of Uri N. Denisyuk, wanted to provide a full record of things. The hard part was the world was in 3D and almost all recording methods we in 2D (pen and paper, Photos, film etc) so he started to create holograms to record the appearance of existing three-dimensional artworks.

      Uri N. Denisyuk
      Art Professor
      Soviet Union

Additional Information:

  • Holographic metaphor
    At present, such terms as holistic approach, holistic trends, holistic breath, holistic thinking, holistic motion (as a dynamic order model on subatomic level) etc. have become worldwide known.
  • Features of brightness distribution of Denisyuk’s holograms
    The scheme of recording holograms, developed by Uri. N. Denisyuk, is one of most widespread in a representational holography and provides very high quality of the image in comparison with other schemes.
  • OSA | High-resolution contact Denisyuk holography
    The configurations, to assure high resolution in contact Denisyuk holography, are investigated by varying the construction and the viewing angles in the recording and the reconstruction setups, respectively.
  • Holograms – Math Dragon Homepage
    Holograms appear all over the place. They can be seen in the television and movie industry or even in modern art galleries. Yet, what exactly is a hologram? Who invented it? How does it work?

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