Isolation of Insulin a Canadian Discovery

In 1921, Isolation of Insulin was discovered by Frederick Grant Banting and Charles H. Best, both Canadian Biochemists at the University of Toronto. A lack of insulin in the body causes high blood sugars, which over time causes a disease called Diabetes Mellitus, if untreated can lead to a whole slue of other diseases, from eye issues to amputations. Banting and Best experimented with insulin preparations on diabetic dogs and then on January 11th, 1922 tested successfully on Leonard Thompson, a 14year old boy with diabetes.

      January 11th 1922
      Frederick Grant Banting
      Charles H. Best
      Canadian Biochemists
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For More Information:

  • The Discovery of Insulin –
    Before the discovery of insulin, diabetes was a feared disease that most certainly led to death. Doctors knew that sugar worsened the condition of diabetic patients and that the most effective treatment was to put the patients on very strict diets where sugar intake was kept to a minimum.
  • The isolation of insulin – Animal Research Info
    Diabetes has been known for thousands of years. Symptoms include raging thirst, rapid weight loss, tiredness and passing large quantities of sugary urine. Type I, or insulin dependant, diabetes is rapidly fatal unless treated by replacing the insulin which is lacking in the blood stream.
  • Frederick Grant Banting – Wikipedia
    Sir Frederick Grant Banting KBE MC FRS FRSC (November 14, 1891 – February 21, 1941) was a Canadian medical scientist, physician, painter, and Nobel laureate noted as the co-discoverer of insulin and its therapeutic potential.
  • Frederick G. Banting – Biographical –
    Frederick Grant Banting was born on November 14, 1891, at Alliston, Ont., Canada. He was the youngest of five children of William Thompson Banting and Margaret Grant.
  • Charles Best (medical scientist) – Wikipedia
    Charles Herbert Best CC CH CBE FRS FRSC FRCP (February 27, 1899 – March 31, 1978) was a Canadian medical scientist and one of the co-discoverers of insulin.
  • Charles H. Best – Academic, Scientist, Medical Professional
    Charles H. Best was a physiologist and medical researcher who co-discovered the use of insulin as a treatment for diabetes.

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