First woman hockey player – She is a Canadian

For What It’s Worth’s opinion is that not only is hockey a Canadian Sport, but us Canadians make the best hockey players like the great one, Gretzky and Rocket Rochere, but the fact that we created a great woman hockey player too blows my mind.

A 20 year old French Canadian Woman by the name Manon Rhéaume from Quebec, Canada, became the first woman to play professional hockey in September 1992 in the NHL (National Hockey League). She played for the Tampa Bay Lightning as a goalie, Letting 2 in and 7 saves during the first period of an exhibition game. She then later signed Tampa Bay for a 3 year contract with the clubs minor League, the Atlanta Knights.

For More Information:

      September 1992
      Manon Rhéaume
      Hockey Player
      Quebec, Canada
      Tampa Bay Lightning
      Atlanta Knights

Manon Rhéaume

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