Ice Hockey Rules made in Canada

The rules for Ice Hockey were finally written down by a student named W. F. Robertson, at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Robertson was also the founder of McGill University Hockey Club ( founded 1877). Robertson Hockey rules were compiled from Field Hockey, calling for 9 players per team and mandated the use of a square puck… Seriously a square puck? Only in Canada Eh!

      W. F. Robertson
      Student at McGill University
      Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For More Information:

  • The WF Robertson Game –
    There is some debate between historians of the actual playing of this game. Some say it was just a leisurely game of ‘pick up’ hockey played by Montreal McGill university students and had nothing to do with hockey history.
  • The birth of three sports | About McGill – McGill University
    McGill is a place where people come to hone their intellects and exchange ideas. But hard work needn’t come at the expense of hard play—and McGillians certainly like to exercise more than just their minds.

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