Commonwealth Games in Canada

The Commonwealth Games (originally called British Empire Games) were held here in Canada in 1930 in the City of Hamilton, Ontario. The games were for competitors from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica, all of which were member nations of the British Commonwealth at the time.

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      Commonwealth Games / British Empire Games
      Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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  1. Albert Trotter says:

    Few countries can take pride in being the birthplace of a major global multisport competition. But Canada can! There have been 19 editions of this great event on three continents since 1930 (and four in our great country!). And Canada has always done remarkably well!While other Games around the globe have been founded on geographic or climatic factors such as the Asian, Pan Am, African Games and Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games has been founded on history. Unique characteristics of the Commonwealth Games include being the only Games which shares a common language. All athletes and officials can converse with each other in English, creating an atmosphere that has led to the Commonwealth Games being long known as the “Friendly Games”.

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