Avalanche of the 20th century to kill 10,000 people

On December 13, 1916, in the Italian Alps, an Avalanche buried many villages and causing an estimated 10,000 casualties.

      December 13th 1916
      Italian Alps

Additional Information:

  • Deadliest Avalanches In History
    Ranked by death toll, these are some of the deadliest avalanches to ever be recorded in human history.
  • White Friday (1916)
    White Friday occurred during the Italian Front of World War I, when an avalanche struck an Austrian barracks on Mount Marmolada, killing 270 soldiers. Other avalanches the same day struck Italian and other Austrian positions, killing hundreds.
  • The White Death
    There is no sight in nature quite so peaceful as the white blanket of newly fallen snow which covers fields, woods and mountains alike. All living sounds are hushed and even human footfalls become muffled. Yet beneath this canopy of almost death-like calm, in reality there is no rest.
  • The 10 Deadliest Avalanche Events in History
    Tyrolean Alps, 13 December 1916 (10,000 casualties) – Over a 24-hour period during World War 1 Italian and Austrian forces died in a series of avalanches caused by a mixture of heavy snowfall and man-made explosives.

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