Spacecraft to return from lunar orbit

A Soviet moon probe, which went to the moon and returned from the moon, making a soft landing in September 1968, in the Soviet Union, was the Spacecraft called Zond 5.

      September, 1968
      Soviet Union

Additional Information:

  • Zond 5 – Wikipedia
    Zond 5, a member of the Soviet Zond program, was an unmanned spacecraft that in September 1968 became the second ship to travel to and circle the moon, and the first to return safely to Earth.
  • Zond program – Wikipedia
    Zond (Зонд; Russian for “probe”) was the name given to two distinct series of Soviet unmanned space program undertaken from 1964 to 1970. The first series, based on the 3MV planetary probe, was intended to gather information about nearby planets.
  • Zond 5 – the NSSDCA! – NASA
    Zond 5 was launched from a Tyazheliy Sputnik (68-076B) in earth parking orbit to make scientific studies during a lunar flyby and to return to Earth.
  • The Zond That Pushed Apollo to the Moon – Seeker
    The Soviet Union began two lunar programs in the 1960s. Luna, which culminated with the twin Lunokhod rovers in the 1970s, was designed to robotically explore the the lunar surface and environment. Zond was an exploration probe with both a lunar and a planetary version.
  • Who Was First in the Race to the Moon? The Tortoise – The Atlantic
    You might say the answer is Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and that other guy Michael Collins, the crew of Apollo 11. Or you could represent for the crew of Apollo 10, which reached the moon in May 1969 and then headed back to Earth without landing.

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