Field hockey

The first modern men’s field hockey club was Blackheath, founded circa 1861 in London, England. But the game field hockey was played in various forms in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome, as well as a similar form of stick-and-ball game that was invented by the Aztecs of Mexico.

      London, England

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  • Field hockey – Wikipedia
    Field hockey. Field hockey is a team sport of the hockey family. The earliest origins of the game date back to the Middle Ages in England, Scotland, France and the Netherlands. The game can be played on a grass field, turf field or synthetic field as well as an indoor board surface.
  • The History Of Field Hockey. Where field Hockey Began.
    Field hockey is one of the oldest team sports in the world, dating back nearly 3,000 years to the Greek classical era, where the sport closely resembled the modern Gaelic sport of hurling.
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    You may remember it as something girls played on the unkempt grass fields of your high school. But field hockey at the Olympic level is quite a different sport.
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    Where did hockey originate? Who set down the first rules of the modern game? What was the FIH set up to do?
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    The sport of field hockey — or just “hockey,” as it’s known in most of the 112 countries it is played — is widely considered one of the top six sports in the world.

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