First stone bridge

Pons Aemilius, built across the Tiber Riber in Rome, Italy, in 179 BCE, is considered the first stone bridge

      179 BCE
      Pons Aemilius
      Rome, Italy

Additional Information:

  • Arch bridge – Wikipedia
    The 4th century BC Rhodes Footbridge rests on an early voussoir arch. Although true arches were already known by the Etruscans and ancient Greeks, the Romans were – as with the vault and the dome – the first to fully realize the potential of arches for bridge construction.
  • Roman bridge – Wikipedia
    Roman bridges, built by ancient Romans, were the first large and lasting bridges built. Roman bridges were built with stone and had the arch as the basic structure (see arch bridge). Most utilized concrete as well, which the Romans were the first to use for bridges.
  • Stone Bridge (Regensburg) – Wikipedia
    The Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke) in Regensburg, Germany, is a 12th-century bridge across the Danube linking the Old Town with Stadtamhof. For more than 800 years, until the 1930s, it was the city’s only bridge across the river. It is a masterwork of medieval construction and an emblem of the city.
    Even the most primitive human communities must often have created bridges from material lying easily to hand. Hunters and gatherers follow favourite paths; streams need to be crossed.

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