Performance of a Son et lumiere show in Asia

The show called Son et lumiere performed at Shah Jahan’s 7th-century compound, the Red Fort, in Delhi, India, in 1965.

      Delhi, India

Additional Information:

  • Son et lumière (show) – Wikipedia
    Son et lumière French pronunciation: ​[sɔ̃n e lymjɛʁ] (French, lit. “sound and light”), or a sound and light show, is a form of nighttime entertainment that is usually presented in an outdoor venue of historic significance.
  • son et lumiere | entertainment |
    Son et lumière, English sound-and-light show, nighttime entertainment conceived by Paul Robert-Houdin, curator of the Château de Chambord on the Cosson River, France, where the first one was presented in 1952.
  • Son et lumière meets surgery | The Economist
    NOT SO long ago, newly qualified doctors in the West would take the Hippocratic oath. Along with promises to look after the interests of their tutors, to do no harm to their patients and not to procure abortions, they also swore not to “cut for stone”.

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