The Safety Razor

The French barber by the name of Jean-Jacques Perret invented in 1762, the Safety razor. The Safety razor is a blade equipped with a metal guard along one edge.

      Jean-Jacques Perret

Additional Information:

  • From Perret to Kampfe: Origins of the Safety Razor – ShaveWorld
    Who was the first to devise a safer razor? It is believed the honor goes to Jean Jacques Perret (1730-1784) of Paris, France, a master cutler and famed author of Pogonotomie, au L’Art D’Apprende à se Raser Sol-Méme (Pogonotomie, or The Art of Shaving Oneself) in 1769 and L’Art du Coutelier
    (The Art of the Cutler) in 1771.
  • Paying Homage to the Very First Safety Razors On the Market – Wet …
    So what exactly puts the ‘safety’ in safety razors? Great question! Here’s how we managed to answer pretty quickly. It turns out that the safety feature in a safety razors is in fact a barrier or comb shaped wire guard that is thoughtfully positioned between the blade and the skin.
  • Jean-Jacques Perret, sharpening,honing methods 1771
    Jean-Jacques Perret was a master cutler in France, he was born in 1730 in Beziers, France, son of a cutler, his adventure with cutlery started at the very young age of 12.
  • A Nick in Time: How Shaving Evolved Over 100,000 Years of History
    Removing unwanted body hair has been a part of human hygiene since the dawn of history. Over the centuries, this practice has served to denote everything from high-ranking social status to acts of contrition.
  • Razor – Wikipedia
    The first safety razor protected the skin from all but the very edge of the blade and was invented in 1762 by a Frenchman, Jean-Jacques Perret, who was inspired by the joiner’s plane. Perret’s design was essentially a straight razor with its blade surrounded by a wooden sleeve.

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