Carl Gustaf Patrik Laval

Gustaf de Laval was born at Orsa in Dalarna in the Swedish de Laval Huguenot family (immigrated 1622 – Claude de Laval, soldier – knighted de Laval 1647). He enrolled at the Institute of Technology in Stockholm (later the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH) in 1863, receiving a degree in mechanical engineering in 1866, after which he matriculated at Uppsala University in 1867.

He was then employed by the Swedish mining company, Stora Kopparberg. From there he returned to Uppsala University and completed his doctorate in 1872. He was further employed in Kloster Iron works in Husby parish, Sweden.

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Additional Information:

      Carl Gustaf Patrik Laval
      May 9, 1845, Orsa Municipality, Sweden
      February 2, 1913, Stockholm, Sweden
Known for:
      Steam turbines,
      dairy machinery,
      de Laval nozzle for rocket engines
      Uppsala University (1867–1872),
      Royal Institute of Technology (1863–1866)
Organizations founded:
      DeLaval, Alfa Laval

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