President of Moldova

Mircea Snegur became the first President of Moldova, on August 27th 1991, once Moldova became fully independent. Prior to that, the independent Republic of Moldova, formerly the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, declared its sovereignty in 1990.

      August 27, 1991
      Mircea Snegur
      President of Moldova

Additional Information:

  • Mircea Snegur – Wikipedia
    Mircea Ion Snegur (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈmirt͡ʃe̯a iˈon ˈsneɡur]; born 17 January 1940) was the first President of Moldova from 1990–1997. Before that, he served as Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet 1989–1990 (head of state) and Chairman of the Supreme Soviet from 27 April to 3 September 1990.
  • Biography of President of the Republic of Moldova Mircea Snegur …
    Mr. Mircea Snegur was born on 17 January 1940, in the village of Trifanesti, Soroca district. In 1956 he has graduated the High School of the village Frumusica, Floresti district.
  • Joint Statement With President Mircea Snegur of Moldova
    At the invitation of President Clinton, President Mircea Snegur of the Republic of Moldova made a working visit to Washington. During their discussions on January 30, the two leaders welcomed the strong state of U.S.-Moldovan relations, which have expanded considerably since diplomatic contacts were established in 1992.

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