Masaru Ibuka

Ibuka graduated from Waseda University in 1933, he then went to work at Photo-Chemical Laboratory, a company which processed movie film, and later served in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, being a member of the Imperial Navy Wartime Research Committee. In 1946, he left the company and navy, and founded a bombed out radio repair shop in Tokyo.[2]

In 1946 Ibuka and Akio Morita co-founded Sony Corporation, originally named Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation (prior to 1958)[3]. Ibuka was instrumental in securing the licensing of transistor technology to Sony from Bell Labs in the 1950s[4], thus making Sony one of the first companies to apply transistor technology to non-military uses[5]. Ibuka served as president of Sony from 1950 to 1971, and then served as chairman of Sony between 1971 and 1976, when he retired from the company.

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      Masaru Ibuka
      Japanese industrialist
      April 11th 1908
      Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
      December 19th 1997
      Tokyo, Japan
      Makoto Ibuka
      Waseda University

Additional Information:

  • Masaru Ibuka – Wikipedia
    Ibuka was awarded the Medal of Honor with Blue Ribbon in 1960, and was decorated with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1978 and with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun in 1986.
  • Masaru Ibuka | Japanese businessman |
    Masaru Ibuka, (born April 11, 1908, Nikko, Japan—died Dec. 19, 1997, Tokyo), Japanese businessman who was the cofounder and leading engineer of the Sony Corp.
  • Masaru Ibuka – PBS
    Masaru Ibuka could well be the person who turned Japan’s electronics industry into what it is today. He was co-founder of a tiny recording company that grew into the giant Sony Corporation.
  • Masaru Ibuka – Engineering and Technology History Wiki
    Masaru Ibuka was born in the city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, on April 11, 1908. He was a very inquisitive child who was fond of experimenting.
  • Sony Global – Press Release – Masaru Ibuka 1908-1997 –
    Tokyo, Japan – It is with great sadness that Sony Corporation announced the loss of Masaru Ibuka, Founder and Chief Advisor, Sony Corporation. Mr. Ibuka passed away on Friday, December 19, 1997, at 03:38 a.m. at his home in Tokyo. The cause of death was heart failure. Mr. Ibuka was 89 years old. He is survived by one son and two daughters.
  • Sony Global – Sony History Chapter1 Rebuilding from the Ashes
    In September 1945, Masaru Ibuka returned to Tokyo to begin work in the war-damaged capital. A narrow room with a telephone switchboard located on the third floor of the Shirokiya Department Store (Tokyu Department Store which closed on January 1999) in Nihombashi became the new workshop for Ibuka and his group.
  • Masaru Ibuka Story – Bio, Facts, Networth, Family, Auto, Home …
    Deemed as the revolutionary figure of Japan’s electronic industry, Masaru Ibuka was the person who is not only sighted as just a successful entrepreneur but also as a truly inspiring human being who has been a legend for the entire electronics industry of Japan.
  • Obituary: Masaru Ibuka | The Independent
    Masaru Ibuka, electronics engineer and industrialist: born Nikko, Japan 11 April 1908; founder, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (later Sony Corporation) 1946, president 1950-71, chairman 1971-76, honorary chairman 1990-94, chief adviser 1994-97; twice married (one son, two daughters); died Tokyo 19 December 1997.

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