First passenger fatalities in a train accident

A broken axle derailed a Camden & Amboy train carrying 24 passengers, the Train wreck took place on November 8, 1833, near Heightstown, PA, USA, taking the lives of two passenger (the first recorded train accident fatalities) and injuring the rest.

      November 8, 1833
      Heightstown, PA, USA

Additional Information:

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    November 8, 1833 – United States – Hightstown rail accident – The carriages of a Camden & Amboy passenger train derail in the New Jersey countryside between Spotswood and Hightstown when an axle breaks on a car due to an overheated journal. One car overturns, killing two people and injuring fifteen. Among the injured is Cornelius Vanderbilt who will later head the New York Central Railroad. Uninjured in the coach ahead is former U.S. President John Quincy Adams, who continues on to the nation’s capital the next day.
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