Zhang Lu

Upon the death of his father, Zhang Heng (张衡), Zhang Lu inherited control of the Celestial Masters religious group, and therefore became its third leader (the first was Zhang Lu’s grandfather Zhang Daoling). The religion enjoyed its greatest popularity in Yi Province (covering present-day Sichuan and Chongqing), but when Zhang Lu took control of the group, it was being challenged in the area by a shamanistic religion led by Zhang Xiu (張脩, no family relation to Zhang Lu).

Against this background, both Zhang Lu and Zhang Xiu were abruptly ordered by Liu Yan to go together to attack Su Gu (蘇固), the Han-appointed administrator of Hanzhong Commandery and take over his territory. However, having his own designs, Zhang Lu killed Zhang Xiu and took command of his troops and religious followers before he went off for the campaign against Hanzhong. He successfully managed to defeat Su Gu, and upon taking control of Hanzhong, renamed the region Hanning (漢寧), ruling it by the principles of his religion. It is worth noting that although he nominally followed the orders of Liu Yan, when Liu Zhang succeeded him many years later, Zhang Lu refused to follow Liu Zhang’s orders. As a result, Liu Zhang ordered the execution of Zhang Lu’s mother, younger brothers and many other family members.

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      Zhang Lu
      Government Official
      Religious Leader
      Feng County, Jiangsu
      216 CE
      Zhang Fu
      Zhang Guang
      Zhang Yong
      Zhang Sheng
      Zhang Yi
      Zhang Ju
      Zhang Mengde
      Zhang Qiying
      three other unnamed sons and nine other unnamed daughters

Additional Information:

  • Zhang Lu (Han dynasty) – Wikipedia
    Zhang Lu (died 216), courtesy name Gongqi, was a government official, warlord and religious leader who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty.
  • Zhang Lu (Han dynasty) – IPFS
    Zhang Lu (died 216), courtesy name Gongqi, was a warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.
  • Zhang Lu 張魯 (www.chinaknowledge.de)
    Zhang Lu 張魯 (died 216 CE), courtesy name Zhang Qingqi 張公祺 (or 張公旗) was a Daoist master of the late Eastern Han period 東漢 (25-220 CE) and leader of an independent Daoist state.

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