Constitutional president of Honduras

Honduras declared its sovereignty and independence on November 5, 1838, then January 1, 1841, Francisco Ferrera, a proclergy conservative, assumed the position of Constitutional president of Honduras.
      January 1, 1841
      Francisco Ferrera
      Constitutional president

Additional Information:

  • Francisco Ferrera – Wikipedia
    Francisco Ferrera (29 January 1794 – 10 April 1851) was a president of Honduras. He was born in San Juan de Flores, Honduras.
  • Francisco Ferrera – TheBiography
    Subsequently, Ferrera joined the army of general Francisco Morazán (first President of the Federation of the United Provinces of Central America), where he … On December 30 of the same year, the Honduran Constitutional Assembly appointed Francisco Ferrera first President, but not before using various constraints …
  • Francisco Ferrera | Revolvy
    On 5 April 1839, he was defeated by General Morazán in the battle of the Spirit Santo in El Salvador. After that humiliating defeat, Ferrera took refuge in Nicaragua. He was Provisional Chief of State of Honduras (1833–1834) and Constitutional President (1841–1844). “The Republic, after the dissolution of the Federation, …
  • Presidents of Honduras |
    Jan 27, 2014 – Honduras declared itself independent on 15 November 1838, and a constitution was formally adopted in January 1839. After a period of instability, conservative General Francisco Ferrera became the first elected president of the country of Honduras for a two-year term, but then extended his de facto control …

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