First printed book

A Korean woodblock-printed scroll dating back to circa 704 was the first printed book called Mugu chong hwang tae dharani yong (Dharani Sutra).

      704 CE

Additional Information:

  • The Great Dharani Sutra | Revolvy
    Discovery The Great Dharani Sutra was discovered in October 1966 while … the Unified Silla period is the “Mugujeonggwang Daedaranigyeong (無垢淨光大陀羅尼 … and in the sari locker to enter into the tower of Hwangbok for the temporal king. …. which is widely seen as the earliest extant printed book Traditionally, there …
  • Collections – Asian Art Museum Online Collection
    Illustrations and texts from the Buddhist Great Dharani Sutra of Immaculate and Pure Light (Mugujeonggwang daedarani) · Comma-shaped jewel (gobeun-ok).

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