First dog show

At Newcastle upon Tyne, England, on June 28-29, 1859, two local sportsmen (the organizers) held a dog show, which only showcased hunting dog breeds.
      June 28-29, 1859
      Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Additional Information:

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    The first English dog show was held in Newcastle in 1859, and a more ambitious one followed at Chelsea in 1863. The best known of English dog shows is Crufts, which has been held annually in London since 1886. The first formal dog show in the United States was held in 1877, sponsored by the Westminster Kennel Club.
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    Dog shows were a phenomenon of the Victorian era, which spread from Britain around the world. Paris held its first show in 1863 and the premiere American event began in 1877. Shows appealed to the public as entertainment and became symbols of progressive canine breeding and ownership.
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    World’s first dog show. by gary_satanovsky. Dogs weren’t just man’s best friend in previous centuries: they offered protection, helped hunters and herders, …
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    Sep 22, 2015 – By Amy Fernandez. Anyone acquainted with our sport knows that the first dog show happened in 1859. However, like most conventionally …

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