Bouillon cubes

Under the brand name Oxo (still called that today) in Frey Bentos, Paraguay, bouillon cubes containing meat extracts were developed.

      Frey Bentos, Paraguay

Additional Information:

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    Jump to History – Nicolas Appert also proposed such dehydrated bouillon in 1831. In the mid-19th century, German chemist Justus von Liebig developed meat extract, but it was more expensive than bouillon cubes.
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    Bouillon is the French word for broth, and is usually used as a synonym for it. This name comes … Place of origin, France. Main ingredients, Mirepoix, herbs … His invention was the precursor of the bouillon cube. Traditionally, the word bouillon …
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    Store bought stock/broth and bouillon cubes can be VERY salty. Many people cook rice with stock instead of water. You may want to cut back on the salt in your …

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