First Pope to be assassinated

John VIII, was elected pope on December 14th 872 CE, replacing Adrian II, was assassinated in Rome by a member of a political conspiracy on December 16th, 882 CE.
      December 16, 882 CE
      John VIII
      Rome, Italy

Additional Information:

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    Pope John VIII was Pope from 14 December 872 to his death in 882. He is often considered …. John VIII was assassinated in 882, almost certainly by his own clerics —the first pope in history to suffer such a fate. According to Barbara M. Kreutz, the assassination has been blamed upon such factors as his exhaustion of the …
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    Throughout his pontificate, John was threatened by intrigues among his political enemies. He is said to have been murdered in a local conspiracy, the first pope …
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    Sep 6, 2017 – Learn which popes were murdered by rivals, cardinals, and even supporters. … Pontian (230 – 235): The first pope to resign was also the first pope we can … John VIII (872 – 882): John was paranoid, though perhaps with good …
    He seems to have been born in the first quarter of the ninth century; d. … A year or two before John became pope, St. Methodius, the brother of St. Cyril, who had …. Finding, however, that the drug was doing its work too slowly, he killed him by …

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