Anatomist to break with Galen was the Flemish doctor Andreas Vesalius

Doctor Andreas Vesalius was an Anatomist who broke away from the teachings of the ancient Greek physician Galen. You see tradition was to teach the new doctors to be based on the Greek physician Galen. Conventional practice of lecturers at the time was to discourse on the teachings of the ancient Greek physician Galen, while students watched a cadaver being dissected by the lecturer’s assistants. Meanwhile the lecturer himself did not examine the cadaver or presume to contradict Galen.

Beginning in 1537, Andreas Vesalius Beginning on the hand broke with that tradition by doing his own dissections and studying anatomy directly from the human body. Vesalius who had received his medical degree from the University of Padua, Italy, served as lecturer in surgery at the universities of Padua, Basel, Pisa, and Bologna.

      Andreas Vesalius
      Doctor, Lecturer
      Padua, Basel, Pisa, and Bologna

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