Shipping tax based on tonnage

All governments whether Monarchy, Patriarchy, Communist, or Democracy Require money to operate, such as it’s citizens’ taxes. New taxes are levied when funds are low. In 1303, under King Edward I of England’s rule, the concept of shipping tax was created. The ships’ taxes were not based on weight, but the ship’s total cargo barrel capacity or tonnage.
      King Edward I

Additional Information:

  • Tonnage tax – Wikipedia
    A tonnage tax is a taxation mechanism that can be applied to shipping companies. The tax is … This method of taxation is based on an objectively measurable variable – net tonnage – by independent certifying
  • Tonnage tax — Home –
    By this the taxable income is calculated as a lump sum depending on the size (net tonnage) of the ship, independent of the actual earnings (profit or loss).
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    Jun 14, 2013 – What is tonnage tax and why is it so significant for the shipping sector? Simply put … This success story is not confined to the UK. Norway …

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