First Libraries in Asia Founded in China

During the Qin (Ch’in) dynasty, circa 221-206 BCE, on Imperial Order, “a copy of every book is to be reserved for the emperor’s library, and other copies to be destroyed”. The first libraries were created in China. Following the order, they were the only place to find a book as per the Imperial Order to destroy all other copies.

      221 BCE

Additional Information:

  • History of libraries – Wikipedia
    In France, the first national library was the Bibliothèque Mazarine, which evolved from its origin as a royal library founded at the Louvre Palace by Charles V in 1368. At the death of Charles VI, this first collection was unilaterally bought by the English regent of France, the Duke of Bedford, who transferred it to England in 1424.
  • Libraries in China – Wikipedia
    The first modern libraries, however, did not appear in China until the late nineteenth century; even then, library service grew slowly and sporadically. In 1949 there were only fifty-five public libraries at the county level and above, most concentrated in major coastal commercial centers.
    National Library · Other Libraries
  • Asian Libraries – China | ThingsAsian
    China. Peking University Library was founded in 1902 under the name Capital University Book Collection Building. In 1975, a new library building was founded in the center of the campus. At that time, it was the best library with the greatest building area and the best building conditions in China.
  • Libraries in China – Revolvy
    The first libraries in China came into being during the time of the Shang dynasty (the sixteenth to eleventh centuries B.C.) as intellectuals known as the Shi (historians) and Wu (diviners) emerged from manual labor to special occupations for the creation and spread of culture.
  • History of Chinese Libraries – Marcia Zeng
    History of Chinese Libraries . China is proud of its record of publishing … built a library in South China … Wood founded the first school library and opened to …

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