First Christian Martyr

St. Stephen, Hellenic Jew and follower of Jesus was the first Christian martyr. He was stoned by the Jews for declaring that worship in the Temple Beit haMikdash was an act of idolatry. St. Stephen was stoned to death outside the Jerusalem, Israel circa 36 CE.
      36 CE
      St. Stephen
      Follower of Jesus
      Jerusalem, Israel

Additional Information:

  • Saint Stephen – Wikipedia
    Stephen is mentioned in Acts 6 as one of the Greek-speaking Hellenistic Jews selected to participate in a fairer distribution of welfare to the Greek-speaking widows. The Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Church of the East venerate Stephen as a saint.
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    Jesus appears to his followers; Jesus is taken into … Stephen is killed & the believers are scattered. … Acts 7:1-60 Stephen (a more radical Greek-speaking Jew) …
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    For St. Paul, Jesus had brought deliverance from the “curse of the law” (Galatians 3:13). For Stephen, deliverance still awaits the rebirth of the Mosaic tradition in its purity. Though Stephen was an intensely committed follower of Jesus, his faith may have rested as much on the old basis as on the new.
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    Where St. Stephen was stoned. December … a Pharisee who would later himself become a follower of Jesus and an … Stephen was one of the Greek-speaking Hellenistic …

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