Professional Caterers

St. Odoric de Pordenone observed around 1300 while visiting a Franciscan friar in Zhengzhou, China. Their professional caterers would cook banquets for dinner party hosts that preferred not to cook for their guests. St. Odoric de Pordenone also noted that Zhengzhou had numerous restaurants, tea houses, and taverns.
      St. Odoric de Pordenone
      Zhengzhou, China

Additional Information:

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    Odoric of Pordenone, Franciscan friar and traveler of the early 14th century. The account of his journey to China enjoyed wide popularity and appears to have been plagiarized in the 14th-century English work The Voyage and Travels of Sir …
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    Blessed Odoric of Pordenone, Franciscan … Blessed Odoric Matiussi of Pordenone, or Bl Oderic de … There he met the great apostle of China, the Franciscan friar …
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    Odoric of Pordenone, OFM (1286–1331), also known as Odorico Mattiussi or Mattiuzzi, was an Italian late-medieval Franciscan friar and missionary explorer. His account of his visit to China was an important source for the account of John Mandeville.
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