Townhomes Developed in Iraq

Inhabitants of the Mesopotamian city of Ur, Iraq began constructing two-storey mud brick townhomes in 2025 BCE. The homes featured wooden balconies, paved central courtyards, and mud brick staircases which were located throughout the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean.

      2025 BCE

Additional Information:

  • Ziggurat of Ur (article) | Sumerian | Khan Academy
    2100 B.C.E. mud brick and baked brick, Tell el-Mukayyar, Iraq (largely reconstructed) … One of the largest and best-preserved ziggurats of Mesopotamia is the great … 210 by 150 feet, constructed with three levels of terraces, standing originally … As the Ziggurat supported the temple of the patron god of the city of Ur, it is …
  • mesopotamia Houses – World History Education Resources
    The architecture of Mesopotamia is ancient architecture of the region of the Tigris-Euphrates … to refer to the area now roughly equivalent to the modern country of Iraq. … material, and with it cities, forts, temples and houses were constructed. … The priests lived close by in two story mud brick houses, hardened by the sun.
  • Ziggurats and Temples in Ancient Mesopotamia – History
    tarting around 3000 B.C., Mesopotamian kings began building ziggurats and … two to seven tiers, with each ascending tier smaller than the one under it. … Since ziggurats were made with sun-dried mud bricks, they would deteriorate with age. … occur during the war, Ur’s great ziggurat remains to this day in Nasiriyah, Iraq.

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