Greek Treatise on Hunting- Cynegeticus

The Greek treatise on hunting, Cynegeticus(Hunting Man) was written 375 BCE by Xenophon, a Greek historian. It describes the hunting techniques on horseback and claims the hunt was proper war training.

      375 BCE
      Greek Historian

Additional Information:

  • Cynegeticus – Wikipedia
    Cynegeticus is a treatise by the ancient Greek philosopher and military leader Xenophon, … Xenophon begins discussing the importance of hunting and how the gods Apollo and Artemis …. This genre of literature, generally about breeding and the care and use of dogs and horses, is known as Cynegeticon or Cynegetica.
  • Eros and Animal Bodies in Xenophon’s Cynegeticus | Society for …
    Well known structuralist treatments of hunters in Greek culture have correctly … 1985 defends authenticity) Cynegeticus, is a mainly technical treatise on hunting, …
  • The Xenophontine Cynegeticus – jstor
    of Greek literature; and after all that has been written … treatise. It begins with an elaborate and highly artificial prologue, and ends … hunting. In c. ii. the author sets out to describe and explain the use of every- … The boar nets are also called.
  • Cynegeticus — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2
    Cynegeticus (Greek: Κυνηγετικός, Kynegetikos “related to hunting” from κυνηγέω “I hunt”), is a treatise by the ancient Greek philosopher …. of Xenophon’s suggested puppy names for his Greyhound, and named it Dash, or in Greek, Horme.
  • On Hunting: A Sportsman’s Manual Commonly Called Cynegeticus by …
    Jan 11, 2013 – Cynegeticus or “Kynegetikos”, is a treatise by the ancient Greek philosopher and military leader Xenophon, usually translated as “On Hunting” …

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