First automobile Ordered by a Head of State

Nobody knows for sure whether Alexander ever drove or rode in his purchased car. All we know is that Tsar Alexander II of Russia, ordered a vehicle from Jean-Joseph-Etienne Lenoir, Belgian engineer and automobile inventor.

      Tsar Alexander II
      Tsar of Russia

Additional Information:

  • Alexander II of Russia – Wikipedia
    For his social reforms in Russia and his role in the liberation of Bulgaria, Alexander II became known in Bulgaria as the “Tsar-Liberator of Russians and Bulgarians”. A monument to Alexander II was erected in 1907 in Sofia in the “National Assembly” square, opposite to the Parliament building.
  • Alexander II | emperor of Russia |
    It seemed to the new tsar, Alexander II (reigned 1855–81), that the dangers to public order of… education: Russia The new tsar in 1855, Alexander II, inaugurated a period of liberal reforms.
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    Another phrase attributed to Alexander II has a similar kind of irony: “It is not difficult to rule Russia, but it is useless,” the emperor is reported to have said. Alexander …
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    Biography of Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. Read more about Tsar Alexander II and other Romanov emperors in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Czar Alexander II Is Assassinated | CIE
    Czar Alexander II, the leader of Russia, was assassinated in St. Petersburg when a bomb was thrown into his carriage. Alexander II had assumed the throne in 1855 following his father Nicholas I and was a more liberal-minded leader than his predecessor.
  • Étienne Lenoir – Wikipedia
    Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir also known as Jean J. Lenoir (12 January 1822 – 4 August 1900) … The fuel mixture was not compressed before ignition (a system invented in 1801 by Philippe LeBon who developed … parisienne de gaz and turned to motorboats, instead, building a naptha (Ligroin) fueled four-cycle in 1888.

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