The First International Direct Dial Service

Beginning March 1, 1970, an International direct-dial service became available from New York City, NY, USA to London, England. This project was a joint venture between the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) and the British General Post Office. In our opinion, the start of Telecommunication Globalization..

      March 1, 1970
      American Telephone
      Telegraph Company (AT&T)
      British General Post Office
      New York City,
London, England

Additional Information:

  • International direct dialing – Wikipedia
    International direct dialing (IDD) or international subscriber dialling (ISD) is placing an international telephone call that is dialed directly by a telephone subscriber, rather than by an telephone operator.
  • Long-distance calling – Wikipedia
    In telecommunications, a long-distance call or trunk call is a telephone call made to a location outside a defined local calling area. Long-distance calls are typically charged a higher billing rate than local calls.
  • Direct distance dialing – Wikipedia
    Direct distance dialing (DDD) is a telecommunication service feature in which a caller may, without operator assistance, call any other user outside the local calling area.

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