Postage Stamps with Serrated Edges

Postage stamps with serrated edges were first issued in Britain in 1854. They were machine made for easier separation by hand.

      Great Britain

Additional Information:

  • Postage stamp separation – Wikipedia
    For postage stamps, separation is the means by which individual stamps are made easily … In the early years, from 1840 until 1850, all stamps were issued imperforate, and had to be cut from the …. It can be recognized by studying the edge of the stamp closely; true perforations will have torn paper fibers on each tooth, …
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    Sep 7, 2013 – He is fascinated by serrated edges: for more than thirty years, Hellfried Tröger … The green stamp with Luther’s portrait had been issued in 1952, on the … For some special issue stamps or first-day postmarks he even travelled …
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    The first postage stamps were printed by sets on a large stamp paper. … coil stamps have two serrated edges because they are issued in a long strip, while …
  • The Myth of the Forever Stamp – Steve Case
    Dec 15, 2013 – USPS Forever stamps are good for whatever the current first class … Is it a myth that some Forever Stamps have a slash across the word … I mean, the scanner, the printer, the inks, the serrated edge – not worth the time alone.
  • Why are the edges of postage stamps wavy/scalloped? – Quora
    They are called perforations – and they are simply a way of making it easier to tear stamps from a sheet. The first stamps didn’t have them – so had to be cut up …

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