Dam In Continuous Use

A rock-filled dam on the Orontes River in Syria, is thought to be dated from 1300 BCE, thus being a dam still in continuous use.

      1300 BCE
      Orontes River in Syria

Additional Information:

  • The world’s oldest dams still in use – Water Technology
    The concept of building dams is as old as early human civilisation. While most of the modern dams are built for hydro-power generation, ancient dams were built to prevent flooding and provide water for irrigation.
  • Dam – Wikipedia
    A dam is a barrier that stops or restricts the flow of water or underground streams. Reservoirs created by dams not only suppress floods but also provide water for activities such as irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability.
  • dam facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about dam
    Dams are structural barriers built to obstruct or control the flow of water in rivers and streams. They are designed to serve two broad functions.
  • dam | Definition, Types, & Uses | Britannica.com
    Dam, structure built across a stream, a river, or an estuary to retain water. Dams are built to provide water for human consumption, for irrigating arid and semiarid lands, or for use in industrial processes.

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