Electrically Lit Store

incandescent Swan lamps were installed in a draper’s shop in 1882, at Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Thus, becoming the first electrically lit store.

      Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Additional Information:

  • A brief history of the first electricity company in Toronto – blogTO
    When Toronto’s lights went out earlier this summer following a torrential rainstorm, thousands of people got a short and unwanted sample what life was like in the late 19th century before the Toronto Electric Light Company brought light and electricity to our lives.
  • Lighting A Revolution: 19th Century Competition
    Successful inventions spawn competition which, in turn, often stimulates new inventions. Edison’s lighting system was no exception and competitors very quickly introduced similar products.
  • What U.S. department store was the first to install electric lighting?
    That was Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia in 1878.
  • Joseph Swan – Wikipedia
    Sir Joseph Wilson Swan, D.Sc.h.c., FRS (31 October 1828 – 27 May 1914) was a British physicist and chemist. He is known as an independent early developer of a successful incandescent light bulb and is the person responsible for developing and supplying the electric lights used in the world’s first homes and public buildings (Savoy Theatre in 1881) to be lit with electric light bulbs.

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