Maria Taglioni First Ballerina Dances on Point

Maria Taglioni was the first ballerina to dance on point or her toes during a performance of La Sylphide, at the Paris Opera on March 12, 1832. Filippo Taglioni, ballet choreographer and her father established the Romantic ballet style consisting of arabesque jumps and leaps.

      March 12, 1832
      Maria Taglioni
      Paris, France

Additional Information:

  • Marie Taglioni – Wikipedia
    Taglioni was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to Italian choreographer Filippo Taglioni and Swedish ballet dancer Sophie Karsten, …
  • Marie Taglioni | Italian dancer |
    Marie Taglioni, (born April 23, 1804, Stockholm, Sweden—died April 24, 1884, Marseille, France), Italian ballet dancer whose fragile, delicate dancing typified the early 19th-century Romantic style. Trained chiefly by her father, Filippo Taglioni, she made her debut in Vienna in 1822.
  • Detailed biography – Marie Taglioni
    Sophie and Filippo had two sons, Marie and Paul, who became a dancer and … in fact Marie was the first ballerina who danced en pointe for the work’s entirety. …. 10) a lot of point shoes, offered by Marie’s fans, are placed on the grave, but in …
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    Feb 28, 2013 – Click here to view an archive of the dancing urban legends featured so far. DANCING URBAN LEGEND: Marie Taglioni was the first ballet …
  • Marie Taglioni: The Instant Ballerina | The Dance Enthusiast
    Mar 23, 2010 – Marie Taglioni was born in September 1804 in a small town in northern Italy to Filippo Taglioni and Sophie Karsten. In 1832 Filipo choreographed the seminal ballet of the Romantic Era — la Sylphide — for his daughter. But in 1804 he was just a dancer, performing itinerantly.
  • Marie Taglioni – New World Encyclopedia
    Aug 15, 2018 – In 1822, Taglioni made her debut in Vienna. However, it was not until her starring role in La Sylphide, a romantic ballet choreographed by her father, that she became famous throughout Europe. Although she wasn’t the first to dance en pointe, she was the first ballerina to do so for the full length of a work.

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