Taoist Religious Community Founded

The Taoist religious community, T’ien-shih Tao (the Way of the Celestial Master), was founded in Sichuan province, China in 142 CE by the first patriarch Chang Ling. Laozi’s revelation provided the teaching principles and taoism rituals as listed in the Tao Te Ching (Classic of the Way of Power). Members are divided into 24 parishes practicing a healing form consisting of sin confessions and ceremonial purification.

      142 CE
      Sichuan, China

Additional Information:

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    T’ien-shih was the title awarded to Chang Tao-ling (157-178 A.D.), the founder of the Yellow Turban Taoists (he is also claimed as founder by the Cheng-I and Five Bushels of Rice sects). It is believed that he received the Ling-pao (spiritual Treasure) Scripture written on golden tablets, from the Gods.
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