Stained Glass Used to Create Large Windows in Abbey St-Denis

Large scale stained glass were used to create large windows in the choir and ambulatory sections of the Abbey of St-Denis in Paris, France during the rebuilding from 1137 to 1144. Abbot Suger supervised the work containing a series of medallions painted with religious scenes, and facade containing a stained-glass rose window. Yet little remains of the original stained glass.

      Abbot Suger
      Paris, France

Additional Information:

  • Stained glass: history and technique (article) | Khan Academy
    The Virgin and Saint John, from a Crucifixion, German, c. … Stained glass was usually used to make windows, so that the light would shine … This panel (left), comes from the important medieval Abbey of Klosterneuberg outside Vienna and … The production of large-scale stained-glass windows for churches flourished in …
  • Church’s Adornment: the Stained-Glass Windows – Seine Saint Denis
    The stained-glass windows apparently cost more than the stone building itself. … In the nave, the long gallery of kings and queens ends in two huge rose windows. … when the abbey-church was being rebuilt, the glass stained painters created a … construction site to construction site and was used in Chartres and Le Mans.
  • The History of Stained Glass Windows | American Vision Windows
    Abbot Suger of Saint Denis was a famous patron of stained glass art and lived just outside of Paris. He used the wealth of the abbey to make windows larger and …
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    Suger reformed and rebuilt the abbey and augmented its wealth. … The relationship between Saint Denis and Chartres is well established through a … Stained glass was used in secular buildings during the renaissance period. …. continued to make stained glass in America long enough to do windows for the Church of the …
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    A rose window or Catherine window is often used as a generic term applied to a circular … Rose windows are also called Catherine windows after Saint Catherine of … to traceried windows and being filled with elaborate pictures in stained glass …. Suger’s original rose window in the prototype Gothic fa├žade of St Denis …

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