Bookplates Identify Book Owners

Bookplates labels were created to identify book owners in Germany following the invention of the printing press circa 1450, yet the first label found was undated.


Additional Information:

  • Bookplate | Textual Histories
    Bookplate. When studying book history you adopt a wide array of new … outlines how early ‘European bookplates identified owners by symbols or pictures’ (3).
  • Bookplate – Wikipedia
    A bookplate also known as ex-librīs is usually a small printed or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the front endpaper, to indicate ownership. Simple …
  • bookplates – Memidex dictionary/thesaurus
    “bookplates” is a plural form of “bookplate”: a label identifying the owner of a book in which it’s pasted. Synonyms: ex libris. Type of: gummed…

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