Sumerians Develop Astrological System

Sumerians and other Mesopotamians developed the astrological system as early as 2500 BCE.

      1700 BCE
      Mesopotamia, Iraq

Additional Information:

  • Sumerian Astrology, the Oldest Astrology in the WorldSumerian …
    The Sumerians gave the world astrology. They are literally the oldest astrological documents. They named many of the constellations and defined the nature of numerous bodies in the solar system. The Sumerians taught the Babylonians astrology.
  • Sumerian Calendars and Astronomy – Crystalinks
    Astronomy and Calendars. The Sumerians were among the first astronomers, mapping the stars into sets of constellations, many of which survived in the zodiac and were also recognized by the ancient Greeks. They were also aware of the five planets that are visible to the naked eye.
  • Babylonian astrology – Wikipedia
    In Babylon as well as in Assyria as a direct offshoot of Babylonian culture, astrology takes its … Babylonian astrology was the first organized system of astrology, arising in the … There is speculation that astrology of some form appeared in the Sumerian period in the ….. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version …
  • Babylonian astronomy – Wikipedia
    These records can be found on Sumerian clay tablets, inscribed in cuneiform, dated approximately to 3500–3200 BC. In conjunction with their mythology, the Sumerians developed a form of astronomy/astrology that had an influence on Babylonian culture. Therein Planetary gods played an important role.
  • The Origin of the Zodiac. – Ancient-Wisdom
    A coordinate system is a set of imaginary lines for measuring positions, like … It is known that Babylonian astrology developed within the context of divination. … The Sumerians called the twelve major zodiacal constellations the ‘Shiny herd’.

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