Lowe’s Grand Hotel

The first family hotel, Lowe’s Grand Hotel opened on King Street, Covent Garden, London, England on January 1774 by David Low. The hotel was a temporary residence that catered to families unlike inns that were eating and drinking establishments.

      January, 1774
      Low Grand Hotel
      London, England

Additional Information:

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    43 King Street, in Covent Garden, the first house to be built on this site, was … famoushotels-grandhotel london …. Many legendary hotels were lost in history.
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    Dec 15, 2016 – Grand by name; grand by nature. … But for the longest lasting hotel in London, we need to turn away from the bustling railway … in the city, featuring 100 ‘water closets’, 36 bathrooms and the first hydraulic lifts in England. … Charles Barry, and the chap responsible for Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House.
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