First Amphibious Aircraft Built

Grover Cleveland Loening, a German-American engineer designed and built the first amphibious aircraft in 1912, USA. Loening called the aircraft an ‘aeroboat’, as it was airplane with a boat-shaped keel, pontoon floats, and landing gear.

      Grover Cleveland Loening

Additional Information:

  • Amphibious aircraft – Wikipedia
    An amphibious aircraft or amphibian is an aircraft that can take off and land on both land and … These are not built to take the impact of the aircraft landing on them. … large number of amphibians were built between the wars, starting from 1918 with the Vickers Viking and the early 1920s Supermarine Seagull and were used …
  • Seaplane – Wikipedia
    The Frenchman Alphonse Pénaud filed the first patent for a flying machine with a boat hull and retractable landing gear in 1876, but Austrian Wilhelm Kress is credited with building the first seaplane, Drachenflieger, in 1898, although its two 30 hp Daimler engines were inadequate for take-off, and it later sank when one of its two floats collapsed
  • List of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft – Wikipedia
    The following is a list of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft, which includes floatplanes and …. Deperdussin Monocoque – floatplane racer that won the first Schneider Cup (1913); Dewoitine HD.730 – two-seat ….. amphibious flying boat (2010s); Norsk Flyindustri Finnmark 5A – Norwegian built ambulance seaplane (1940s) …
  • China-Built World’s Largest Amphibious Aircraft Conducts First Water …
    China’s indigenously designed and built Kunlong (Water Dragon) AG600 amphibious aircraft successfully conducted its first water takeoff and landing on the Zhanghe reservoir near Jingmen city in Hubei province on October 20, according to local media reports.Oct 23, 2018

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