Islamic Military Victory the Battle of Badr

The Islamic Battle of Bar took place in Saudi Arabia on March 16, 624, following Muhammad’s raids on Meccan caravans returning from Syria. The ensuing battle won by the Muslims regarding their victory as a sign of approval from God. A year later, the Meccans launched a revenge attack on Medina, resulting in a draw.

      624 CE

Additional Information:

  • Battle of Badr | Summary |
    Battle of Badr, (624 ce), in Islamic history, first military victory of the Prophet Muhammad. It seriously damaged Meccan prestige while strengthening the political position of Muslims in Medina and establishing Islam as a viable force in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Battle of Badr – Wikipedia
    The Battle of Badr (Arabic: غزوة بدر ), fought on Tuesday, 13 March 624 CE in the Hejaz region … The battle has been passed down in Islamic history as a decisive victory attributable to divine intervention, or by …. The Muslims’ raids on caravans prompted the Battle of Badr, the first major battle involving a Muslim army.
  • Battle of Badr | National Geographic Society
    Feb 26, 2014 – On March 13, 624, Mohammed led Muslims to victory in the Battle of Badr, a major turning point in the spread of Islam. … victory. Six years later, the Quraysh in Mecca peacefully surrendered to an army led by Mohammed.
  • The Battle of Badr |
    The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny. … Had victory been the lot of the pagan army while the Islamic Forces were still at …
  • Battle of Badr: The first of the great battles of Islam – Khaleej Times
    Jul 5, 2015 – The importance of the Battle of Badr cannot be over-estimated. … by God’s help, a splendid victory that established the standard of truth never to be lowered again. The Makkah army had among its leaders some of the most …

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