First Solo Helicopter Voyage Around the World

Dick Smith, an Australian pilot completed the first solo worldwide helicopter voyage in a Bell Model 206L named Lone Ranger III departing on August 5, 1982 from the Bell Helicopter Facility in Fort Worth, Texas, USA and returning July 22, 1983 and travelled 35,258 miles. Two Americans, Ross Perot Jr, and Jay Coburn completed another circumnavigation in helicopter The Spirit of Texas departing on September 1, 1982 from Dalla, Texas, USA and returning September 30, 1982 which lasted 29 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

      August 5, 1982
      Dick Smith
      Fort Worth, Texas

Additional Information:

  • On this day: Dick Smith’s around-the-world solo flight – Australian …
    ON JULY 22, 1983, entrepreneur and founder of Australian Geographic Dick Smith completed his first solo around-the-world helicopter flight. The sojourn was also the first solo flight from the US to Australia by helicopter and the first solo helicopter flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • First solo around-the-world helicopter flight completed – UPI Archives
    Jul 22, 1983 – First solo around-the-world helicopter flight completed. By … flight from Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle, the last leg of the long, lonely journey.
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    The aircraft shown here, Chicago, led the first round the world flight in 1924. The first aerial circumnavigation of the world was conducted in 1924 by four aviators from an …. Avoiding the Soviet Union, which had not given permission for the expedition to cross into their airspace, they crossed Japan, Korea, the coast of China, …
  • List of firsts in aviation – Wikipedia
    This is a list of firsts in aviation. Contents. 1 The forerunners. 1.1 First alleged human flights; 1.2 …. First solo non-stop balloon flight around the Earth: Steve Fossett, in the ….. of St. Louis, made the 33-hour journey from New York to Paris on May 20–21, …. First helicopter to the North Pole: Dick Smith on 28 April 1987 in Bell …
  • List of circumnavigations – Wikipedia
    The Magellan–Elcano voyage was the first world circumnavigation in history. Victoria, one of the original five ships, led by Elcano, circumnavigated the globe, finishing 16 months after Magellan’s death. This is a list of circumnavigations of the planet Earth. Sections are ordered by ascending date of ….. Azhar Mansor; 1999; first Malaysian to sail solo around the world.

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