Bangladesh Cyclone Kills One Million People

A huge cyclone pounded Bangladesh, East Pakistan on November 13, 1970 killing one million people. Storm surges covered stretches of the coastal plain killing millions of livestock, destroying over 1 million acres of rice paddies, with the hardest hit areas being along the offshore islands completely ridding them of human life. Due to a political rebellion and formation of the independent state of Bangladesh, the Pakistani government was slow providing relief from Karachi over 3,200 km away.

      November 13, 1970
      Bangladesh, Karachi, Pakistan

Additional Information:

  • List of Bangladesh tropical cyclones – Wikipedia
    Among them, the 1970 Bhola cyclone alone claimed approximately 300,000 to 500,000 lives, making it the deadliest tropical cyclone on record. Tropical cyclones affecting Bangladesh have killed about 1.54 million people.
    Typhoons are tropical revolving storms. They are called `Cyclones’ in English, when they occur in the Indian Ocean area. The coastal regions of Bangladesh are subject to damaging cyclones almost every year. They generally occur in early summer (April-May) or late rainy season (October-November).
  • 1991 Bangladesh cyclone – Wikipedia
    In 1970, a cyclone struck Bangladesh and killed at least 300,000 people. Before the cyclone moved ashore, an estimated 2–3 million people evacuated the Bangladeshi coast.

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