Hungary Opens Electric Subway Train

The first 4 kilometre electric subway train was built in Budapest, Hungary in 1896. A trolley car model was used rather than an in-train version.

      Budapest, Hungary

Additional Information:

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    Europe’s first underground railway using electric traction, the “Underground” was opened to traffic in 1896, says It is the first in Europe, because the London Underground was steam-driven at first. Budapest became a metropolis in the days of Austria-Hungary (1867-1918).May 7, 2017
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    Aug 17, 2015 – The millennium metro started operating on May 2, 1896, with one of its very first passengers being Austrian Emperor and King of Hungary Franz Joseph I aboard a specifically designed royal subway car, and soon afterwards this then-innovative underground line was transporting high-spirited crowds to join the grand …
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    London subway is also the first route where world’s first electric train was used. … subway” because it was opened in the 100th anniversary of Hungarians arrival …

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