First Elected Venetian Doge

Ursus was the first elected Doge of Venice following Venetian independence from the Byzantines and ruled from 727 to 751.

      727 CE
      Venice, Italy

Additional Information:

  • Doge of Venice – Wikipedia
    The Doge of Venice sometimes translated as Duke (compare the Italian Duca), was the chief magistrate and leader of the Republic of Venice between 726 and 1797. Doges of Venice were elected for life by the city-state’s aristocracy. … The first historical Venetian doge, Ursus, led a revolt against the Byzantine Empire in …
  • List of Doges of Venice – Wikipedia
    First holder, Paolo L. Anafesto. Final holder, Ludovico Manin. Abolished, 12 May 1797. The following is a list of all 120 of the Doges of Venice ordered by the dates of their reigns … Doges of Venice were elected for life by the city-state’s aristocracy. Commonly the person selected as Doge was one of the shrewdest elders in …
  • Venice’s First Doge Elected – Boglewood
    Venice’s First Doge Elected. Venetian tradition places the election of the Republic’s first Doge in 697, supposedly at a convocation in Heraclea called by the Patriarch of Grado.
  • Parteciaco family | Venetian family |
    The first dux, or doge, in the family was one Ursus (or Orso I Parteciaco), who ruled from 727 to 739; but the real founder of the dynasty was Agnello Parteciaco.
  • The Glory Days of the Republic of Venice – The Roman Guy
    Feb 12, 2019 – The Early Days of the Republic of Venice … At the beginning of the eighth century, the citizens of the province of Venice elected Ursus to be their first leader. … given the title of dux or duke, making him the first Doge of Venice.

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