Machinist Invents a Micrometer

Henry Maudslay, British machinist built a micrometer at his London, England workshop in 1800 using the screw-cutting metal lathe, to cut screw threads with fine pitch precision and a higher accuracy than existing models of the time.

      Henry Maudslay
      Master Machinist
      London, England

Additional Information:

  • Micrometer – Wikipedia
    The first ever micrometric screw was invented by William Gascoigne in the 17th century, as an enhancement of the vernier; it was used in a telescope to measure angular distances between stars and the relative sizes of celestial objects. … In 1844 details of Whitworth’s workshop micrometer were published.
  • A Brief History of the Micrometer [PDF]
    15th Century Leonardo da Vinci proposed lathe. 16th Century Gear-cutting machine developed. 17th. Century. 1639 W. Gascoigne invented a micrometer …
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    Feb 19, 2011 – For those that don’t know, the micrometer as we know it today was invented by Jean Laurent PALMER of Paris in 1848. He was given or shall …
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    Brown’s micrometer caliper, widely used in industry, appeared in 1867. He also invented a precision gear cutter in 1855 to produce clock gears, a universal …

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