French Psalms Written in Metrical Format

French poet, Clement Marot published 30 French psalms in metrical version, Trente Pseaumes de David (Thirty Psalms of David) in 1542. Marot was denounced as a heretic and fled to exile in Geneva, Switzerland, yet the verses were later set to music by Protestant leader John Calvin in 1562, as an alternative to the Roman Catholic liturgy.

      1539, 1542
      Clement Marot
      Geneva, Switzerland

Additional Information:

  • Metrical psalter – Wikipedia
    A metrical psalter is a kind of Bible translation: a book containing a metrical translation of all or part of the Book of Psalms in vernacular poetry, meant to be sung as hymns in a church. Some metrical psalters include melodies or even harmonizations.
  • The English Metrical Psalter of the Reformation – Jstor
    It took some 34 melodies from the French Metrical Psalter, and its editions in Geneva … The Form of Prayers and the Catechism, without the Psalms, was issued in Geneva …. and the English verses were written to fit them. 3. Three-quarters of …
  • The Whole Booke of Psalmes collected into Englishe Metre (1584 …
    In addition to metrical versions of all 150 psalms, the volume included … Sternhold and Hopkins wrote almost all of their Psalms in the “common” or ballad metre. … also published with music, much of it borrowed from the French Geneva Psalter. … A strange driver’s education film combining religion and sci-fi in the form of …
  • Psalters Online | Reformed Books Online
    This was the first complete English metrical psalter and the first to include … translation of the French psalms, but its own independent English translation. … Church of Scotland – The 150 Psalms of David in Scottish Meter, after the form that they … also wrote two articles on these psalters: ‘The Metrical Psalter of King James …
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    ”2 If this Psalm was put into metrical form by James it was not preserved in the … town of Tournois in France, where it was believed such money had been first coined. … is a book among the royal MSS. containing written copies of thirty psalms.

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