Sanskrit Didactic Verses

Upanishads are compilations of teachings written in 500 BCE by Hindu sages in a Sanskrit didactic style verse.

      500 BCE

Additional Information:

  • Sanskrit Didactic Poetry – Indianetzone
    May 18, 2011 – Sanskrit Didactic Poetry. Sanskrit Didactic poetry has not been composed in abundance. There is no clear demarcation between gnomic and didactic verse. Sanskrit Didactic poetry can be dated back to the eighth century.
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    A subhashita (Sanskrit: सुभाषित) is a literary genre of Sanskrit epigrammatic poems and … Subhashitas in Sanskrit are short memorable verses, typically in four padas (verses) but … According to Mohana Bhāradvāja, Subhashita in Indian Literature is a single verse or single stanza, descriptive or didactic but complete in …
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    Les Morgan, ‎Ram Karan Sharma, ‎Anthony Biduck – 2011 – ‎Literary Criticism. A Guide to Sanskrit Metrics and Figures of Speech Les Morgan, Ram Karan Sharma, … The same is true for Sanskrit didactic verse, which is most often written in …
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    May 21, 2010 – It is a conglomerate of epic and didactic matter divided into eighteen …. in the Mahābhārata, the compilation embracing 100,000 verses, by the …
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    literary achievements of women poets in Sanskrit have rarely entered into scholarly … These verses are didactic by nature, and collectively amount to assem-.

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