First European Settlements in South America

Spanish explorer, Diego de Nicuesa founded the Nombre de Dios European settlement near Panama, South America settlement in 1510, followed by the founding of San Sebastian de Uraba, Colombia, South America by explorer Alonso de Ojeda. Later the San Sebastian de Uraba colony was transferred to Darien near the Isthmus of Panama by Balboa and renamed Santa Maria de la Antigua del Darien.

      Diego de Nicuesa

Additional Information:

  • European Colonization of the Americas – New World Encyclopedia
    Europeon Nation’s Control over South America 1700 to the twentieth century. The start of the European Colonization of the Americas is typically dated to 1492, although there was at least one earlier colonization effort. The first conquests were made by the Spanish and the Portuguese.
  • European colonization of the Americas – Wikipedia
    Jump to Early conquests, claims and colonies – As the sponsor of Christopher Columbus’s voyages, Spain was the first European power to settle and colonize the largest areas, from North America and the Caribbean to the southern tip of South America.
  • Timeline of the European colonization of North America – Wikipedia
    Late fifteenth century 1492: Columbus reaches The Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola. 1492: the colony of La Isabela is established on the island of Hispaniola. 1496: Santo Domingo, the first European permanent settlement is built. 1498: La Isabela is abandoned by the Spanish.
  • History of South America – Wikipedia
    Jump to European colonization – These authorized the European Christian nations to “take … known to include most of the South American soil), would belong to Spain, … by foreign conquistadors, first from Spain and later from Portugal.
  • British colonization of the Americas – Wikipedia
    British colonization of the Americas began in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia, and reached its … European colonization …. Province of South Carolina, first permanent English settlement in 1670, became a separate colony in 1710–12. Province of …

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